Paddle Star Ornament PLUS Basic Star Ornament
Instructions for the Heart Star Ornament includes 10 pages and about 12 photos showing you in detail how to quickly and easily create this ornament and design your own beaded variations.

Also included are the full instructions for making the Basic Star Ornament! You get about 23 pages of instructions and photos.

They show you how to gather and hold the wire spokes firmly in place without soldering or welding.
Also included are instructions for making a decorative wire ornament hanger.

"Green" and using recycled materials is very popular right now. If you plan to sell your beaded star creations, the fact that it includes recycled material is sure to be a great selling point.
To purchase the PDF format instructions, you'll need to pay through PayPal, then I'll promptly email them directly to you. No shipping to pay!
You do not need a PayPal account to purchase!
Don't forget! The complete instructions for making this Basic Star Ornament is also included with your purchase.